December 22, 2002


Unlike my friend Jason, I'm actually working on my site. In fact, I got a great deal done today.

I'd say I'm about 66% done.

December 18, 2002

Secret Santa - the Procrastinator

Yes, I'm guilty. I have not fulfilled my Secret Santa duties due to sloth.

Today I received a package in the mail which twigged my memory that someone out there is waiting for theirs, so I hopped to it.

I couldn't believe who my Secret Santa recipient is. I hope they like the gift I got them.

December 13, 2002

Did I Mention...

That I curl?

That's right, I'm a rock-throwin' ice-sweepin' "HARD"-yellin' curler.

It's really quite fun. You should try it.

December 9, 2002

Too Much Spam

Two weeks ago, my e-mail just stopped. After a steady stream of friendly e-mails mixed in with the truckloads of spam, it just stopped.

If spam is good for anything, it helps you determine when your e-mail server is down.

After contact with my ISP and some quick tech support, it was determined that SpamAssassin had a bug and was killing all my e-mail. Well, not just mine...anyone who was using SpamAssassin on my shared server was experiencing the same problem.

So, as a safety measure, I turned it off and let the flood hit my inbox.

Since November 29th until this morning:
  • Spam: 535

  • Non-spam: 42
Simply too much to manage. I'm sure I've deleted legitimate e-mail that was just guilty by association.

So, after 6 years with the same e-mail address, I'm going to terminate sometime next month.

This will involve more than just turning it off, however. I'll spend the next month keeping track of mailing lists I belong to, online accounts that I'll have to update, people contacting me from other sources, etc.

I'll have to add a contact form on the Gaelic Translator and the Catname Generator (I get a lot of e-mail from those) to make it easier to direct those e-mails correctly.

I'm not sure what I am going to change the address to, but I'll use it for a few years and, more than likely, have to trash that too.

Who knows, maybe by then, will have dropped off all the spam lists.

December 5, 2002

Stormy Weather

My good friend Marlas just left for New York.

She picked a great day to land in La Guardia.

Hope she doesn't mind turbulence.