February 21, 2005

Infrared Tree

Infrared Tree
Originally uploaded by Alistair.

This infrared photo was taken years ago with my ancient Canon 35mm. I had seen some great infrared pictures in a photography magazine and thought "hey, I should try that out".

The quality wasn't what I was expecting, but the results were pretty impressive for a first go at it. I still have a few rolls of IR film, but the camera that I was using no longer works.

Many newer (ie: after 1984) cameras use infrared winders that will significantly fog the images. So, I am looking for a fully manual camera that I can use as my next outing with infrared exploration.

I particularly like this shot, with the main tree in the foreground standing as a representative of the other trees that fade away in the background. One of these days, I should print this (it's only a scanned negative right now).


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