February 15, 2005

Break a leg

That's exactly what my pup has done. While at the breeder's residence (he is there until I settle into my new home), an adult dog fell on him accidentally causing the little pup to fracture his back right leg.

Specifically: A transverse fracture of the radius, not including any joints or growth plates.

According to the vet, his prognosis is excellent with little chance of any post-injury problems. By the time he comes home with me, he'll be out of his splint and ready to go. I've already scheduled a visit to a local vet to ensure that any problems will be a figment of the pup's memory by the time he's 1.

Great news! I received an email from the breeder yesterday:
"I am actually VERY tempted to remove that splint, I don't think he needs it at all.... He hasn't flinched or whimpered about it at all since about the 4th day after it happened."

Below are some pictures of him from just after getting the splint put on. Click each image to enlarge.


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