March 14, 2003

Radical Realist

That is my favorite anagram for my name.

Here are some others:

Rascal Raid Tile
Rascal Rail Diet
Sacral Tail Ride
Irradiate Calls
Salad Trail Rice
Lariat Race Lids
Satirical Alder
Dallas Criteria

What are yours? Try the Anagram Creator.

March 12, 2003

Hearing update

So, I just finished my hearing test, and it looks like my left ear is deteriorating in the upper pitches. The audio technician felt as though this was a result of the headphones I wear almost every day in order to block out the distracting noises around me.

Each X on the report represents where my hearing was last year. Because most of them are only down by 1 point, this can be attributable to margin of error. But, in my left ear, the highest pitches all dropped a near uniform amount, with the highest one dropping 2 points on the scale.

I made an appointment for next year, to see how things are going at that time.

If you have ever listened to headphones for extended periods of time, played very loud music or even worked in an atmosphere with high noise levels, you should really consider getting a hearing test. They only take 10 - 15 minutes and can be very ear-opening.

Hearing results for 2003 (PDF: 91K)
The PDF is best viewed at 100% (and more and it looks pretty chunky).

March 5, 2003

Found files

While cleaning up my desk I found a few things I thought I had lost or thrown away. One of them was the results of the hearing test that I mentioned the other day.

I have an appointment to have my hearing checked in the next week, which will serve as an interesting comparison. I listen to my headphones every day at work, because I am easily distracted by the constant noise where I work. Perhaps all those hours of Green Day and Rage aren't helping.

Hearing results for 2002 (PDF: 106K)

March 4, 2003


When I log into one of the servers I work with, I get a fortune cookie. Generally they are quotes, silly jokes or limericks, but today's was the best I've read so far:
You are proof that God has a sense of humour.