June 28, 2002

Yeah, well...

The Dude abides.

June 25, 2002

Alistair Is...

From Tonya's blog, I discovered another Google Game. Search for:

"[insert your name here] is"

This is what I am:

Alistair is a Scottish Terrier.
Alistair is a Good Kitty.
Alistair is taking lectures this week.
Alistair is hovering in mid-air.
Alistair is a well-respected audio professional.
Alistair is a Professor of Organisational Health and Behaviour.
Alistair is certainly a piece of work, isn't he?

June 24, 2002

My Choice

Go deaf or grow an ulcer. What would you choose?

Here's the situation:

I hate HATE that clackity-clack sound of typing, especially when it's fast typing. I have no idea why it bothers me so much. It's especially bad considering I work in high tech for a living.

So, I have to sit at my desk with the headphones turned to 11 in order to cut out the sound. I can literally feel my eardrums becoming less sensitive by the day.

It's not a personal thing, although I know people take it that way. It doesn't matter who sits next to me, I had the same problem with two other people when I was running a business out of my home last year.

The only thing I want to make clear: If the sound doesn't bother you that doesn't mean it doesn't bother ME. Put yourself in my shoes for a second: Do you think I like the fact that it bothers me? Think of something that drives you crazy mad....gives you a headache...makes you feel nauseous. Now imagine that thing surrounds you at your work. Are you going to be happy?

Believe me, if I could change it, I would.

June 22, 2002


It's officially summer and the weather in Vancouver is beautiful. It's days like today (and many of the last few weeks) that reminds me why I live through the dreary winters in this rain-forest city.

June 19, 2002

Still Alive

I'm still here somewhere.

June 6, 2002

Digital Last Request

A friend sent this article to me today, about a technician responsible for archiving important national documents in Norway died before he could divulge his password for the database.

For a few years, people in the department have been trying in vain to crack the password to gain access to very important historical documents. Now they are trying to enlist hackers to do the job for them.

From there, I found an application called the Dead Man's Switch, that allows you to pre-compose messages that can be sent via e-mail, instant messengers or message groups if the application isn't de-activated every X days.

An odd prospect, the ability to send out messages after you are dead. Imagine receiving a message from a friend who had died a few days or even weeks before and receiving a message in your inbox.