February 10, 2006

Northern Voice - Moosecamp

I'm taking part in a collaborative meeting idea called Moosecamp, an event supporting the Northern Voice conference in my home town of Vancouver.

I am part of a educational blogging initiative where I work, and there are a number of sessions that are of interest to me. So far it's been fun, but I have a couple of suggestions:
  • Internet Access: If you are having a conference on blogs, make some terminals available. If there are some available here, they are not identified - at all. How hard would it be to have a few computers with a sign that allow attendees to connect to the net?
  • Power Access: For those of us who can bring our notebooks along (if we want to blog using a computer and not a phone, PDA or watch), make power easily accessible. Meetings are funny as the people with laptops migrate toward the walls where power is available. As the day is going on and batteries are getting low, more people are tethered. Have some extension cords taped to the ground and let people know they are there.
  • Session Length: Make sessions longer! The whole purpose of Moosecamp is to collaborate in person. With the number of people in some of these sessions, you simply have little or no time to put forward your idea(s) before the session is over.
  • Session Updates: Updated, subscribable schedule. It strikes me as humourously ironic that a large number of bloggers and technology types come together for a series of sessions on tools that allow for world-wide collaboration, but the schedule is scribbled on small scraps of paper with a Sharpie and tacked up to a cork-board. Come ON people! The original grid was posted on the Moosecamp site, but it wasn't kept up to date, and the schedule has changed drastically since arriving this morning. The grid page itself even says:
    The master paper schedule onsite is the only accurate one.

Still, I am enjoying the ideas and conversation. I'm already looking forward to what Moosecamp has in store for next year.


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