December 19, 2005

Ruby on Rails

I have recently discovered Ruby on Rails, a web development framework that is built around Ruby, an object-oriented programming language.

Rails was developed by 37 Signals, the company behind the excellent Basecamp, Backpack, Ta-Da Lists and others.

The Rails community that has built up around RoR is an interesting one. The learning curve is a gentle slope with the many resources available to first-time users.

Witness the three videos:
The guide to Ruby is also worth noting, in that it is likely the oddest manual for a programming language I have ever seen:
Seriously. Read the first couple of pages, even if you have no interest in programming.

The first Ruby on Rails conference in Canada is scheduled for April right here in Vancouver. You might see me there.


Derek said...

Aaah! Blog update! A sign of the Apocalypse!

1:58 PM  
thao said...

It's called vacation :)

3:08 PM  

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