December 20, 2005

Google Zeitgeist

The 2005 Year-End Google Zeitgeist was published today, and it contains some interesting graphs from the past year's search patterns. You can find regularly updated lists on the Google Zeitgeist page, and you can even find listings from many different countries (Canada is not one of them, however).

Some observations from September 2005:
  • Something about the #1 search in Russia being "furniture" strikes me as hilarious
  • Speaking of furniture, Ikea is #4 in the UK, #9 in the Netherlands, #11 in Poland and #13 in Sweden
  • In the UK, "mayo diet clinic" and "Kate Moss" are #1 and #3 respectively. Related?
  • Ireland's #2 search is "american restaurant". #7 is "japanese restaurant"
  • Japan's #1, #2 and #6 searches are typhoon or weather-related
  • Isreal's #3 search is "love"
What I find most interesting is that almost all of the graphs have a saw-tooth pattern to them that eludes me. Does this suggest that, for a few days, searches for 'Wikipedia' spike, only to die off for the next few days? Why is the pattern so regular?

I remember suffering through a statistics course, but I can't remember if we covered this kind of thing. Anyone know?


XtaG said...

No idea, never did stats in school (although, in a professional-development conference, AKA Prime Knitting Opportunity, I recently learned that simple surveys should have an even number of options (1-4, bad, not bad, okay, good, etc..) to ensure that people don't just pick middle of the line responses, but COMMIT to being either negative or positive about your survey question.). I could mention also that I failed Social Studies four years in a row, but that's not really important.

Nice to see you're back blogging.. gives me something else to check while I'm here in the chilly north (well, okay, it snowed two inches yesterday, but the roads are messy-wet today) (and I'm not really NORTH, just.. north of Vancouver. More, south-middle, actually, thank north.)

Was there ever going to be that option of letting us, your faithful blog-readers, open season to add content? Could be good....


1:14 AM  
thao said...

Aren't comments sufficient though?

11:49 AM  

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