December 19, 2005

WordPress vs Movable Type Revisited

Okay, I'm back at it. Despite the fact that I mentioned I was going with WordPress a few months ago, I have since recanted and I am in the midst of a full-fledged review of each.

I have both Movable Type 3.2 and WordPress 1.5.x installed at and I am giving both of them a run for the money.

There have already been many WP vs MT reviews (such as the WP vs MT comparison, a screenwriter's take on WP and MT, and a Blog breakdown) so I won't spend a lot of time writing up another one. What I may do is write out some of the things I love/hate about each of the tools.

The one thing I do know is: I am not a fan of Blogger anymore. Sure, it's great for anyone looking for a well-developed blogging tool that they can get up and running in a short time, but it lacks a lot of features that other tools (like my MT/WP shortlist) can offer.

Once I get something usable out of WP or MT, I'll post a link to each one.


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