September 7, 2005

Quick Purchase

After admiring the original iPod, nearly purchasing some of the later iPod models, trying out an iPod Shuffle, I jumped at the chance to purchase the new iPod nano.

The Shuffle is great, but without a screen, I find it a bit lacking. Once I saw the nano announcement, all the pieces fell in place:
  • 4 Gb - Large enough for my library, as well as storing images, and other files
  • Colour screen - Sure the screen is tiny, but it looks great and I can carry pictures of Finnegan wherever I go
  • Black - It's not the first black iPod, but it still looks great
  • Tiny - nano is an appropriate name for this incredibly slim & small form factor
I ordered it immediately without waiting for reviews, updated versions or anything else. Perhaps a bit rash, but this is the first iPod that I looked at and thought "that's the one" immediately.

Can't wait for it to arrive.


Derek said...

Did you go for black?

You must review it on your blog once you get it.

8:10 PM  
Alistair said...

I went for black, yes. It'll make the AC/DC sound that much better.

I'll certainly write a review. It's all about the waiting right now.

8:20 AM  
thao said...

yes, i can't wait to try out our nano.

9:19 AM  
Air said...

you know what they say about the size of a man's ipod. . .

5:20 PM  
thao said...

"that's the one"

8:49 PM  
XtaG said...

I bought my iPod mini two weeks ago. Two days later, the iPod Nano came out, and iPod mini disappeared from the Apple site.

It is now either obsolete or a "collector's item". If I ever sell it, I'll be using the latter label.. but in the meantime, its holding my music collection, and a friend's (oops, that's illegal?), and keeps me happily biking from Fraser to UBC.

Oh, and its pink. Didn't plan for that, but that was all the Bookstore had in stock... and I'm a bit on the impulsive side... but pink seems to go with bike grease well enough.

2:19 PM  
Derek said...

The mini is still a good machine, of course, and may have more storage. Plus it's metal. METAL!

But, er what do they say about the size of a man's iPod? (Looks sideways at his iPod shuffle.)

9:39 PM  
XtaG said...

Never mind the size.. how about the general appearance:

iPod shuffle: never know what to expect, a distinct lack of transparency... cheap...

iPod U2: wants to be a rock star

iPod mini, pink: comfortable with gender ambiguity

iPod mini, silver: not comfortable with gender ambiguity, and not quite sure what green would indicate, either, but pretty sure it is less-manly than silver

iPod, with custom engraving: extreme techno-geek, if engraved with semi-obscure sci-fi reference ("Don't Panic." "I grok my iPod." etc)


12:33 PM  
Derek said...


4:01 PM  
thao said...

Hah. I was thinking the same :)

4:20 PM  
XtaG said...

My iPod mini has crashed.

I'm bitter.


BUT, recently having a chance to try to play the bagpipes almost makes up for it! Whee!

12:07 AM  
alisthedogsbollocks said...

i have got to say i am only slightly worried by the way this conversation is goin, espeaccily on a site which has taken the best name, full stop, under its wing. im an alistair by the way. rock on you sad bastards

4:48 PM  
Derek said...

A whole new site design template, and no news about the iPod? What is the world coming to?

It's also a sign when your commenters are the ones updating your blog! :)

1:07 PM  
XtaG said...

I think he should just give us all unlimited access for a month, and see what we come up with.

Early Christmas present, from Alistair. Whaddayathink?


3:29 PM  
Air said...

I could think of a few interesting things to talk about!

11:29 AM  
Derek said...

Carbon fibre case now available.

3:13 PM  
thao said...

hmmm, what would those interesting things be?

8:34 PM  

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