December 21, 2005

iPod UI Suggestion

I love my iPod nano, but there is one user interface oversight that drives me crazy.

On-the-Go is a feature that allows you to create a playlist as you listen to music. When a song comes up that you want group with your other favorites, select the song title and hold down the centre-button. The song title flashes to let you know it's now part of your On-the-Go playlist. All this is done without interrupting the song or having to search through your list of titles.

The problem: it doesn't work in Shuffle Mode, which is the most common way I listen to tunes on my iPod. If you want to add a song during shuffle mode, you have to go back to the main menu, find the song in the list and add it that way. It takes too long and defeats the purpose of the feature.

The solution: To my knowledge, there is none. I searched the Apple Knowledge Base and googled for an answer, but found nothing. I sent a suggestion to Apple that they allow shuffled songs to be added to On-the-Go lists.


XtaG said...

I hate Apple, and the two-and-a-half-months of delayed responses to emails, incorrect instructions regarding dealing with confirming my purchase date (somehow, NOT connected to the date I registered my iPod online, but related to its MANUFACTURE date, which THEY didn't enter into their system in the first place), and the fact that they spend kajillions on advertising, and gladly take $300 for a little music player,and yet when something goes wrong, only ONE support phonecall is included under warrenty coverage. $%*&@(#*%^ @#$^@#*&%^&*s.

On a good note, when I finally got a number to call for tech support, and spoke to a nice friendly iGeek, he did everything right and my replacement iPod should be arriving at home in the next day or two. Too bad I'm not at home.

When my iPod works, I love it. When it doesn't... (insert visual of normal-everyday-type-person suddenly transforming into a super-baddie with lots of muscles bursting out of too-small-clothing and alarming changes in skin pigmentation)

Hm. So, just how DO you spell villan? Villian? Vilan? Villen?

Perplexed X.

2:06 AM  
thao said...

villain - but i did have to think about it for a second.

10:13 AM  
Santa Claus said...

Ho ho ho.

11:13 AM  

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