In Scotland!

It seems like I was planning this trip forever and now I’m finally back in Scotland. I came for the occasion of my cousin’s wedding and have stayed beyond. I have just under a week remaining and have managed to put almost 1000 miles on the rental car in just 9 days. I’ve visited a … [Read more...]

Sungard Summit 2010 – Day 1

It’s great to be back in my second home, San Francisco, for the next few days while I attend Sungard Summit 2010. It’s an annual conference for users of Sungard Higher Ed products, such as Luminis, the portal platform I manage at BC Institute of Technology. Each year, the conference moves to a new city … [Read more...]

Magic Mouse is sad

Magic Mouse is sad, originally uploaded by Alistair. I saw the Magic Mouse on Apple’s site this morning and the frown just kind of jumped out at me. Added some eyes in Pixelmator and voila!


I am reviewing some WordPress Theme Frameworks right now, hoping to play with each one to see how easy they are to customize. The frameworks I have investigated so far are: Thematic WP Framework Whiteboard Hybrid Sandbox Each framework provides the developer with a basic version of a theme, some with comments and documentation on … [Read more...]

Scotland: In Progress…

I’ve been in Scotland just over a week and I’m having a fantastic time.  I visited a few great places in Glasgow and Edinburgh, met with friends and family, taken a bunch of photos on the iPhone and now I’m embroiled in the process of Real Estate from many miles away. I arrived in Kirkcudbright … [Read more...]