Shame on me

I have had a blog at for around 12 years now.  At the beginning it was a simple ftp down > edit html > ftp up.  Now it’s WordPress and though I am nowhere near as prolific as my friend Derek, I use this site extensively for many other projects that are not public. … [Read more...]

Mobile Blogging

While blogging from your mobile device is nothing new, it’s still nice to be able to do it. iPhone users can get the most excellent WordPress app, but the rest of us can still get close with the wPhone plugin. The author says he will not continue with releases, but with the number of Blackberry … [Read more...]

iPhone in Canada? Other Apple Goodness?

I am becoming less and less excited with each new show/keynote that comes along. I have all the Mac stuff I need and the iPhone only really interests me in regards to Canadian availability. I carry a Blackberry for work and I am simply uninterested in carrying two devices around. However, I still look forward … [Read more...]

The Lander Attempts to Land

Today is a pretty big day for NASA and the Phoenix Mars Lander. In about 1 hour, the Lander will attempt to touch down safely on the planet’s surface. This is not an easy feat, with previous landers having a success rate of about 50%, with at least one crashing on the surface due to … [Read more...]

TiVo: Just in time

For many years now, I have been lamenting the lack of TiVo in Canada. So, it was a happy/sad day today when I discovered that the set-top box will be available to us on December 11th, just in time for Christmas. Happy? Well, I’ve coveted the system for years now and am excited about the … [Read more...]