iPhone in Canada? Other Apple Goodness?

I am becoming less and less excited with each new show/keynote that comes along. I have all the Mac stuff I need and the iPhone only really interests me in regards to Canadian availability. I carry a Blackberry for work and I am simply uninterested in carrying two devices around. However, I still look forward … [Read more...]

Apple Store Lineup Video

I went to the Apple Store opening in Pacific Centre this past weekend. The store is typical of a mall-entrance version, similar to the Las Vegas Fashion Show that I visited last month. By the time I arrived, there was only a small line of perhaps 50 people. I expected there had been a longer … [Read more...]

Newest: Time Capsule

As I wrote about back in January, the stand-out item in the first Macworld of 2008 was, for me, the Time Capsule: a storage appliance combined with a wireless 802.11n router, including with network ports for tethered connections and a USB port for printers, external storage or other devices. Sounds like a pretty cool little … [Read more...]

Macworld 2008 Impressions

Anticipation was moderate over this year’s Macworld, nothing like last year when the iPhone was all but a guarantee, but still high enough to garner attention from traditionally non-Apple news agencies. The featured products included refreshed AppleTV and iPod Touch (added some functionality), iTunes with movie rentals and the star of the show: the MacBook … [Read more...]