iPhone in Canada? Other Apple Goodness?

Papercraft Steve JobsI am becoming less and less excited with each new show/keynote that comes along. I have all the Mac stuff I need and the iPhone only really interests me in regards to Canadian availability. I carry a Blackberry for work and I am simply uninterested in carrying two devices around.

However, I still look forward to each new announcement, hoping something really fantastic comes along. So, for today’s keynote, I decided to build a wee papercraft Steve Jobs from a site I found the other day. It’s easy: some thick paper, a paper-cutting knife, ruler and glue and you’re ready to go.

Apple Store Lineup Video

I went to the Apple Store opening in Pacific Centre this past weekend. The store is typical of a mall-entrance version, similar to the Las Vegas Fashion Show that I visited last month.

By the time I arrived, there was only a small line of perhaps 50 people. I expected there had been a longer line before opening, but I had no idea it was this long.

Apple Store, Stanley Cup Playoffs and Filming Finn

This weekend is starting off great.

The sun is shining on our fair city and I’m sitting outside as I wait for my appointment at the Genius bar (my MacBook Pro has a minor button issue) in the brand new Apple Store, the first in Western Canada.

Later, I’ll be filming Finnegan, my Duck Toller, for a movie I hope to put together later this weekend or next. I don’t really have a theme or plot in mind yet, but I’m sure one will emerge as the camcorder captures his antics.

Also, the much anticipated Stanley Cup Finals begin tonight with my favorite team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, vying for the Cup against the Detroit Red Wings, a venerable opponent.  I expect the series will be a good one, and while I am hoping the ‘Pens will win, I suspect it will be a tough go to get by the heavy experience and grit of the Wings.  Game on!

Newest: Time Capsule

Time CapsuleAs I wrote about back in January, the stand-out item in the first Macworld of 2008 was, for me, the Time Capsule: a storage appliance combined with a wireless 802.11n router, including with network ports for tethered connections and a USB port for printers, external storage or other devices. Sounds like a pretty cool little kit, so I bought a 1 terabyte model.

Yesterday it arrived and I took it home to install it. Having had many a router in the last 15 years or so, I was expecting problems when setting it up.


I installed the Time Capsule Utility software, plugged in the power, connected to the modem and after three clicks through the connection utility, it worked. No extended calls to my ISP or flipping through manuals, it just worked.

Wireless access is flowing nicely through my home now. What about the backup part?

I opened the Time Machine preferences, activated Time Machine and told it to start backing up immediately. It did.

That’s about it. I’m impressed at how easy it was to set up, and the easy backup it offered to the Macs in my house.

I haven’t had a chance to evaluate performance, especially in the wireless area, but I’ll take a look at that over the next few weeks.

Macworld 2008 Impressions

Anticipation was moderate over this year’s Macworld, nothing like last year when the iPhone was all but a guarantee, but still high enough to garner attention from traditionally non-Apple news agencies.

The featured products included refreshed AppleTV and iPod Touch (added some functionality), iTunes with movie rentals and the star of the show: the MacBook Air, a super-thin notebook. The design is typically Apple, with sleek lines, minimalist crafting and a pricetag to match. It’s a beautiful machine but not one that made me jump up and decry my MacBook Pro purchase of 6 months ago.

However, for me, the real standout is Time Capsule. A wireless base station with a terabyte backup drive in it that functions as a network drive or as a backup location for Time Machine. To me, that’s a brilliant solution that allows me to add up to 1TB network storage and backup destination for the 2 (or sometimes 3) Macs I use around the house, replace my aging Linksys wireless router with a high-quality base station and minimize the growing number of digital devices in my home.

Before today, I was considering purchasing an Extreme Basestation, but with Time Capsule, I’m excited enough to have pre-ordered.