Back Down

4 days ago while moving boxes upstairs from the basement, I had a back twinge. Later that day the twinge turned to severe pain. By the next morning I couldn’t walk without significant pain. I went to go see a physiotherapist yesterday and he confirmed that I have a disc problem, causing my sciatic nerve … [Read more...]

A Year Gone By

A year ago, my friend Derek Miller passed away from cancer after a 4-year fight that he documented on his site, His last post, which he entrusted to me, went viral (CBC, Daily Mail UK, Globe, MeFi, Brisbane Times, among many others) and was seen by millions of people around the world. I was … [Read more...]


Back online after fixing the problem. Not sure how many people still read this, but I’m glad to get everything else working. Yay me.

Goodbye Derek

Yesterday, my good fried Derek K. Miller passed away at the age of 41 from complications associated with colorectal cancer. I knew Derek for about 27 years, meeting when we were both in the Apple Alliance, a club for people interested computing devices from a small company in Cupertino, California. We became friends almost instantly, … [Read more...]